Managed Technical Support & Maintenance

Technical Support & Maintenance In Singapore

Managed Technical support can be referred by our dedicated SLA ( Service Level Agreement) that to services that an organization provides to users of technology products or services. Managed Services & Support team will make sure resolve and take your Web or Mobile Apps run smoothly. In general, technical support is an activity of providing help regarding specific problems related to a product or service that a company has provided to our customer. Our client always can get in touch via Live Chat/Phone or WhatsApp or Enterprise level project may collaborate to for onsite support & maintenance too.

Affordable Investment

Local Account & Technical Support

Ongoing Contractual Support

24×7 Online Support

Ongoing UUM (Upgrade, Update & Maintenance)


Performance Checkup

One of the most important and critical aspect in our technical assistance is that of performance check-up. With our technical supported monitoring activities most of the online activities that are needed to ensure the smooth functioning of the product or service.

Fixes and Enhancements

Any fault in the performance of the service or products will have to be rectified and a solution implemented accordingly. We update all application programs in order to meet changing information requirements, such as adding new functions. It also includes fixing bugs and adapting the software to new hardware devices.

Technical Support

We offers the level of technical support you expect, from answering all of your questions and concerns, to troubleshooting unforeseen glitches, updating non-working links, streamlining text, and continually testing your website’s functionality. Our aim is to ensure that the experience of any potential or returning customer is smooth, uncomplicated, and as user-friendly.

Content and Backup

We ensure that the systems remain secure 24/7. Security maintenance service may include backups, checking permissions and ownerships in critical files and directories, checking the assignment of rights, monitoring system logs etc.

Hack and Virus Proof

Security testing will allow you to find and correct vulnerabilities on the site and safeguard the site from possible attacks. As you move through this phase, some of the areas you will review include logins, restricted areas, payment portals and third-party integrations. While making sure your chosen content management system (CMS), whether it is Drupal, WordPress, or some other offering, has the most recent security updates.

Functionality Check

Performance testing is seen as one of the most important steps when it comes to website quality testing. During this phase, you would test page-load speed, core web vitals, and see how the site responds to attempted overloads. For example, assessing the impact of a sudden increase in site visitors called a spike test.