DAM System

Singapore Webtech DAM System is centralize platform to archive, create, manage and distribute your digital files and folders within department or 3rd party.


This solution provides all elements of your projects related to People, Task, & Files. It redefines digital collaboration in department and branches. System is fully web-based, user friendly and scalable at anytime- Everything in One Place – The Central Hub for Media Content.

Major Features

Web Based
Web-based (Mozilla Firefox, chrome, safari & internet explorer)

Unlimited files – folder
Able to manage millions for files and folder.

Multiple format Supported
Multiple upload & file formats supported.

Bulk Upload
Able to upload multiple files & folder at a same time. It detects duplicate files & folder too.

File Sharing
File sharing via URL link or pin code & download permission based on rights (Validity setting)

Preview File
You can see Document, Image & video preview.

Advance Search criteria and its text within pdf file as well.

Bulk Sharing
Bulk Sharing files/folders.

Keywords & Metadata
Assets information, keywords & Advance metadata setting.

Share your files to FTP, Dropbox, Facebook, and Twitter – all without leaving your workspace.

Create Workflow, Task & Approval features.

OCR features
PDF text OCR capture.

Who needs DAM?

Corporate Communications
It makes the users easy to managing distribute and review the photo for business gallery to update in your portfolio alongside written pieces.
Sales and Marketing
Create interactive product campaigns with assets like images, videos, animation etc.
Creative and Design
The designers need to have a place to store all files so they can easily find. Without proper system, it’s difficult to find the asset you need at any time.
Documentation and Construction
It makes proper system by managing a single documentation that should be maintained by single source of truth with appropriate securities.

Benefits of DAM System

Everything is in one place
We no need to search for a file whether it’s on a staff’s desktop, or in email, not being able to locate it at all.

Access is controlled
Stay secure with media assets and store them in one place. Grant access to anyone who may need them.

User permissions
DAM System can give employees permissions and access to the assets. So, not all employees can gain access to one particular file on the cloud.

Increase Productivity
DAM System can provide companies with an effective search function that eliminates time spent searching for information.

No need to send many of emails, upload to a drop box to avoid problems with file size on the recipient’s end: very large files are easily shared.

Remote access
You can access the cloud based library off site, making you as mobile as you need to be.


*Note: Disk storage specification depending on user’s and amount of data.


  • User Training – Functions accessibility & their account Management based on roles & rights
    Admin Training – Overall System, Manage User & Roles Setting up, Security Setting
    Note * User manual Guideline & Quick support help Available


Data Migration

Our Data specialist team make sure your duplicated files/folders does not mess up with your corporate folder structure. We verify your data and migrate your existing files to correct folder structure with you prefer meta-data and related keywords.

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